Thanks again for all the well wishes. 🙂

To take up the story and update you from yesterday:

I got up to CSU and picked up princess Twyla around 5pm.
She walked out with me, and managed to squat and potty on her own
on the way to the car. She had a lot of trouble trying to figure out
how to lay down on the way back, and just stood up the entire time.

We got home and she zonked right out.

She had a bit of a restless night and got up and walked around
a few times, but more pain meds helped her get back to sleep.

She’s spent today just relaxing as well. She ate a bit of
breakfast, and a bit of her dinner. The pain meds do make her
not very hungry.

On the good side she seems to have no problem walking around
(or perhaps it’s hopping 😉 She got up on the couch eariler and
hung out for a while. She was digging in the blankets in her
crate with her one front leg a bit ago.

On the bad side she still has problems figuring out how to
lay down. She was used to circling in a clockwise direction and
then laying down on her left side, but since thats the side
with her incision now, she gets confused about which way to
go and how to lay down. She does figure it out after a while.

Not sure if she will be up for a trip to the park sunday,
but we will see. She is improving more every day.