Twyla continues to improve. She’s hopping around pretty well now.
She even (before I could stop her) jumped up the steps from my yard to
my deck this afternoon.

She ate all her breakfast (after I mixed a can of chicken into her kibble).

She finally pooped. She had been holding it since she got back from
surgery. 🙂

She did her funny dominance behavior to Merlin today. She goes and stands
over them when they are laying down. She doesn’t do anything, just stands there
very close towering over them.

I have been trying to decrease her pain meds. It’s hard to tell when
she is in pain or not. Pesky stoic greyhounds. 🙂

She’s been hanging out on the couches more.

She whined like she was being tortured when I gated her in the bedroom and
took the boy dogs for a walk. She has always been a champion whiner. 😉
In fact I thought at first that she had fallen or otherwise hurt herself,
but she was just mad at being left behind. 🙂

She’s been coming over demanding petting and attention more. Not as much
as usual, but increasing over the last few days.