As many of you know, we had a long string of difficulties with getting rawhide to compose at all recently. This was mostly a combination of poor timing for things landing, people landing things at the last minute for Fedora 28, and various bugs.

Last week, we hit something that seemed to be pretty special: An actual finished compose. To explain, pungi (the tool that does the composing in Fedora land) has several states that a compose can be in: It can be “STARTED” which means that it started and is composing, or died in such a way it couldn’t properly note that to the compose. It can be “DOOMED” which means that one (or more) required deliverable items failed to compose. In the past this might still have meant part of the compose was shipped out anyhow, but not these days. That prevents the compose from going out at all, and releng folks have to look and make sure the issue that caused the problem is fixed. A compose can be “FINISHED_INCOMPLETE”: This means all the required deliverables are there, but optional/non blocking ones may or may not be. This is the status most of our composes have gotten in the past. Finally, a compose can be ‘FINISHED’ which means all parts of it successfully composed. We had our first “FINISHED” rawhide compose last week. So, break out the harmonica and start dancing right? well, not so fast. There was a bug in pungi where it would have some failed optional deliverables, but still report FINISHED. So, the FINISHED we had wasn’t really a true FINISHED (some ppc images were still failing). Finally late last week we got in a workaround for those last few images, and I am happy to report today that the FINISHED we got was a true, full, real, everything composed FINISHED.

I think some of the credit for this goes to the simple compose tracker that Dusty Mabe setup. This allowed us to track down and fix things that in the past we would just have written off that we don’t have time to fix. Thanks for the issue tracking Dusty! There was of course lots of hard work from many others as well to get to this point: Thanks Mohan, Patrick, Adam, Dennis, Sinny and others I am sure I am forgetting.

Congrats on a FINISHED compose, and lets see how long we can keep it that way.