Greetings! Once again it’s been a long spell since one of these posts, so lets jump right in and rope that calf.

Rawhide has been marching along to the next branching point, when Fedora 27 will branch off for it’s release. There’s a mass rebuild that should be happening very very soon now, there was a bit of delay while tools were all sorted out. Look for a very very big rawhide update soon once that mass rebuild finishes.

All the alternative arches are now in the same koji. We finally got s390x added in and going. Initally it was only 5 builders with 4GB ram, so things got stopped up from time to time, as all it would take was 5 long builds to show up and everything else waited for them. A few weeks ago we increased things to 15 builders and 8GB of ram each so hopefully that will keep up with builds as we go. We will see what the mass rebuild looks like with all the alternative arches included this time. I suspect it’s going to take longer than before, but not sure how much longer.

Thanks to Patrick you may also notice that uploading sources to our lookaside cache is no longer uploading them twice. Instead it’s using the kerberos cache to authenticate on the first go so it just needs to upload once.

We have missed some composes in the last few months (once for quite a while), and this is due to the compose process now failing the compose if all the release blocking deliverables are not there. On one hand thats nice because it means we always have those if the compose finishes, on the other it’s not so nice because if it fails we need to go fix whatever breakage is there.

Look for a new note soon, and ride safe out there!