A quick weekend recap:
– Friday was driving down to Tucson pretty much all day. Pretty typical 13.5 hour drive.
– Saturday was dividing up all the rest of the stuff in my dads house. Then, I went to go pick up my reserved u-haul trailer,
which they said I could pick up “after 3pm”. I got there at 4:15 and they were closed. Apparently, “after 3pm” also has a
implied “…but before 4pm, when we close”. So, I went with plan B and just hired the movers that were already coming
to get stuff for my brother and one of my sisters.
– Sunday we packed things up and got everything listed and marked down. Then, I headed to Las Cruces.
– Monday was driving back up to Denver. Pretty typical 10 hour drive.
– Tuesday the movers showed up and loaded everything at my dads place. Cleaning was done, and papers were signed.

So, no more trips down to Tucson for me for a while. 🙂

The dogs did fine as usual on the trip. Mostly sleeping and lounging around. Kurt got to where he didn’t want to get back in the car
after a while, and I had to lift him up and put him in there, but otherwise they did great.