Well, the week went by pretty fast. Nice and busy at work.
We got a snowstorm thursday night and friday I went up to boulder. Just one thing I would like to say to all the denver/boulder area drivers:
STOP TAILGATING ME! It’s really anoying to be driving in snowy conditions and have some dork 2′ behind me. No one around here leaves any kind of room for stopping.

It’s been a pretty quiet weekend. I went out saturday night and met up with my friend B and his wife at the Steve Crenshaw show. Jammin Joes bar is a true dive bar. The music was quite good though. Steve was in great form. I picked up a cd from him that has on it: “Copy and share with your friends”.

Twyla is doing pretty well. We went out to petsmart the other day. She loved the attention from people there and didn’t have too much trouble walking around.
On the way back she managed to get past me before I could lift her up into the car and jumped right up herself. She was pretty pooped after that thought, so she still needs to get some more strength back. She’s been eating ok, but sometimes missing a meal. Next week we need to get her staples out and schedule her for chemo.

Next weekend is the big “move everything out of my dad’s house” event. Heading down there friday, and back monday. Hopefully Twyla will handle the travel ok, and I won’t have problems hauling a trailer back behind me.