Last night I went up to The Boulder Dinner Theatre with my friend S. It was a lot of fun. Will have to keep my eyes out for when other plays I might like are going to be there. This one was a production of “The King and I”. The cast was overall pretty good. (Both at acting and at serving food). The food was not super outstanding, but it was ok. The wine and company was delightfull.

Also, a brief Twyla update. She’s doing great. Pretty much 100% back to normal. Going up and down all the stairs and having fun.
She’s just as much of a attention hound as always.

Here’s a picture of Twyla from when we were down in Tucson last weekend:

twyla relaxing

This weekend I need to unpack boxes of stuff I have from the Tucson house, and try and get organized for the movers to show up.
The tracking web site says they should be here on march 7th with a Big Dresser, a fridge, a washer/dryer, bookshelf, about 10 boxes of misc stuff.