Well, all the tests came back good tuesday, so she spent the night at CSU
tuesday night and was scheduled for her amputation wed sometime between
11am and 4pm.

The surgery took place toward the end of that window, but everything went
very well. No complications at all. She was pretty zonked out with pain meds
wed night, so I decided not to visit.

Thursday morning she has been up and walking around. She’s been whining
for attention (which is very typical for her, yea!). At my regular vet
when she has gone in for dental or the like, they aways send her home
as soon as she’s up since otherwise she starts whining at the top of
her lungs for someone to come pet her. 🙂

I am planning on going up and picking her up between 3-4pm today.

The CSU folks have been really good. They have called with updates lots of
times and answered all my questions. Dr Duerr knows his stuff, and
the students have all been great.

thanks for all the well wishes from everyone. Will keep you posted.