We are finally getting some more snow. Not supposed to be too much,
but it’s pretty to watch fall. Went out and ran some errands and
got some supplies for the anti-superbowl party
tomorrow. Hopefully a few folks will brave the snow and show
up. 4pm my house. Be there.

My laptop survived the night ok, no issues. I did get a full backup of
it last night too, so thats all good. My current suspicion is
one of two things: It could be software suspend, which appears
to work fine, but might cause some memory problem that only
shows up later? or it could be the CPU fan, which I cleaned out
last time it locked up. It did have a small dust bunny in it
that is now removed. Oh well, if it’s still up and stable
tomorrow I will do a suspend/resume cycle and see if it’s still
stable after that. If it locks up then I can start looking more
at software suspend.