Thursday was a pretty laid back. We just sat around and didn’t do too
much. About 1pm we needed to find some food, so we started the
food quest. Pretty much everything was closed for new
years. Finally we found that gardinios was open, so we went
there. It wasn’t too bad. They weren’t very crowded and the food
was ok.

Looks like about 9:30am this morning,, my main machine
decided to commit suicide. Since I am still in New Mexico it’s
hard to say whats going on. I did have someone come by and look
at it, but it would only power on for a second, beep and then
power off again. 🙁 Looks like it might be power supply or
motherboard. I guess I will take a look when I get home tomorrow

We finally made it out to the dessert for a quick walk. We went out to
the west mesa near the airport and watched the sunset and walked
around some. Some pictures

Tonight we are having a BBQ and some party games here at kurts.