Worked along until it was time to go and get my friend Bret from the
airport. Took off from my place around 4pm. Every trip to the
airport is an adventure these days it seems. Had to wait for a
long ass train to go by, lots of traffic, but finally made it
out to the airport. Since everyone is feeling orange these days,
they had a security checkpoint on the road, stopping every Nth
car. Luckily I wasn’t stopped, but still anoying and caused
nasty slowdowns on the road. How much of a search can they do on
a car in a minute or two? What threat is that protecting
against? Got to the terminal and couldn’t find Bret. Turns out
he was at the passenger dropoff instead of the
pickup. Dho. Managed to hook up with him finally and flee the
airport. Funny in a place with no curb side checkin, my friend
could sit on the side of the terminal with a shotgun and wait
for me.

Went up to boulder to the walnut for some yummy dinner and
barelywine. I really like their barleywine, and they only have
it in december and january each year. Well worth the trip. Good
food and good company.