So, I left Las Cruces at about 9:30am saturday. I saw on the weather
pages that there was possible snow in santa fe and colorado, so
I wanted to try and get an early start. About 7 hours of the
trip was totally uneventfull and normal. When I got to about
pueblo there started to be slick roads. Which of course brings
out the other thing: stupid drivers. There were at least 2
pileups in colorado springs, and one really nasty looking roll
over. Even after driving by these I still had people try and
blast past me at 50mph with no clue. Luckily I avoided them
all. About where the ren faire is the roads cleared up and it
was smooth sailing back home. Got in about 8:30pm.

Of course then the fun begins. Looked over my main box and found out
that the problem with it was the cpu fan. It would fire up,
make some really really scary noises and then power off. At
least it’s good that it powered off instead of crisping the
CPU. No problem says I, I will just move the drive to another
machine and bring it right up. Well, before the CPU died it
appears to have done a good job scribbling on the hard
drive. Ran a fsck on it for about 2 hours and managed to get a
few things off it, but not much. Decided to zorch it and just
re-install and restore the user data. Of course then I had to
burn some install cd’s since I gave my last set away on the
trip. Finished that, re-installed, restored all the user
files. Since I didn’t have any backups of the config area, I
basically had to resetup mail, news, etc. Got it mostly working
and turned on, and then it was 4am. 🙁