Didn’t get much sleep last night. I was wanting to go to bed early for
once so I went up and got in bed around 10pm, then started
reading. Of course I got caught up in the book I was reading and
keept reading until about midnight. Then I couldn’t get to
sleep. Finally drifted off around 1:30 I would guess. Then,
something happened that hasn’t happened to me for a long
time. My cat woke me at around 5.

Some cat history: My friend had found bitty(or bitters) while out
jogging one morning. She was a tiny little calico kitten that
had been run over by a car. We took her in and nursed her back
to heath. Her pelvis was broken, and it took quite a while to
heal up. She didn’t get along at all with the other cats in the
house. 2 of them cooperated to corner her and beat her up. So,
when I moved to my own place I took her with me as an only
cat. She’s been pretty happy here with just the dogs around
(those she can boss around). However, she still HATES other
cats. So, some wandering cat decided to hang out on my poorch
this morning at about 5am. Bitty sees the other cat. Poofs her
tail up to the size of her body and starts hissing and
howling. When she does that it sounds like she’s being tortured,
but she’s just really mad and trying to get the other cat to go
away. Luckily other cats don’t seem to come by my house too