Watched two movies last night (I got about 4 netflix in at once). The
first was
Chicago. I had
heard many good things about it, so I stuck it on the rental
list a long time back. It was ok. There were a few really good
musical numbers, but some very ‘eh’ ones. Overall I would have
to say it was overrated by those who recommended it.

Secondly was
Bulletproof Monk.
I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it was one of those fun to watch
once and turn off your brain. Not something I would view again,
but it was a good waste of an hour or two.

I really like my Blackened Shrimp and Linguine dish. It turns out good
pretty much every time, it’s not too hard to make and it’s also
mostly good for you.

Now to head out and run a ton of errands…