Called FINE excel energy this morning. They sent me a bill for
1100ish. The person I finally got to talk to after threading the
dangerous phone maze was very nice. Seems they had taken a
reading on my meter in July 2002, and had been estimating my
usage from that. Then they took another reading in December
2003. The new reading was much higher, so they redid my last 6
months of billing and hit me with a bill for the diffrence. It
still didn’t add up tho. It was much higher than it should have
been. They had me read off the current meter reading and in the
last month it’s been higher than it was, but still not near what
they were billing me for. The reason they were estimating it was
that they couldn’t get into my yard, because I have a padlock on
the gate. So, finally they decided they would cancel this bill,
tell their billing people to re-figure it and send me a new
bill. They would also send me a schedule for when they read
meters here so I can possibly open the gate for them. What a
pain, but at least they were nice about it.

In other news,
The Clumsy Lovers are
playing the southern sun tonight. I am gonna head over around
8ish and get a late dinner and have beers and watch the
show. Anyone in the area reading this should go. 😉