Ran all my errands yesterday. One of them was looking for some new
kitchen/dining room chairs. Mine are starting to fall apart, and
my dad sent me some money for Christmas to go and get some new
ones. It seems they don’t make what I am looking for. The two
competing things are: comfortable and no casters. Any dining
room chairs with no casters are super uncomfortable, and any
comfy chairs with nice backs have casters. I guess I will end up
sucking it up and going with comfortable but casters. Casters
annoy me some, but not as much as sitting in a uncomfortable

Joined some folks at Ephraim’s near boulder for dinner. They have a
darn fine Chile Verde there. This time it was a good deal hotter
than the last time I was there, but it was still very
flavorful. I would provide a link, but Ephraim’s is a no net
zone. I can only find one thing on google that refers to
it. It’s not even in the Qwestdex. Oh well, more good Mexican
food for me.

Dinner ran pretty late, so I didn’t make it up to watch Big Lebowski
and drink Caucasians. Just relaxed at home the rest of the