Much of this last week many of the members of the Fedora Infrastructure team were at flock. Many kudos to those that organized and ran things, it was a great time. We had a lot of great face to face discussions on things.

Our badges application ( ) went live right before flock and seems to be quite a hit. It’s open badges for doing various things in Fedora (powered by the fedmsg message bus to see events to award on). Pretty fun stuff, and it’s working very nicely to get people to do things that perhaps they wouldn’t have bothered to do before (like set security questions in fas, or answer questions on or add tags to packages in fedora tagger).

We hashed out a good plan for a Fedora-Oauth setup. Someday this will allow people to get a Oauth token to run a cron job with only specific permissions you give it, or something you can give to another user to perform some specific action. Should be very handy down the road.

Of course, infrastructure never sleeps. On tuesday when many of us were getting ready to head home, our puppet master’s certificate authority expired (causing all clients to not be able to talk to the master). Smooge luckily was not traveling and managed to reissue everything for us. 🙂

We’ve started to setup a mailman3/hyperkitty instance in our staging env. There’s a bunch more work to do there, but as soon as things are looking stable we are going to roll out a production one and migrate a few lists to it. I’m really looking forward to it, it should be a much better way to consume our often floods of list emails.

The rest of this week has been catching up on day to day tasks and resting up from flock. Next week we have the branching off point for Fedora 20 and tons more fun things to roll out.