Just a few things to call out this week in rawhide:

Our increasing the deltarpm limit seems to have gone well. There’s one issue with one package, but it doesn’t seem memory related. Hopefully folks will enjoy the deltarpms from all the very large packages we didn’t use to deltarpm.

Next week the branched Fedora 20 tree heads into it’s Alpha change freeze. This is where it will start to use bodhi for updates and in general get more stablized for Alpha release. Please remember to build in rawhide anything you build for Fedora 20 branched to keep the upgrade path sane. This is also an excellent time to clean up broken dependencies and issues in both rawhide and Fedora 20 branched trees.

The x86 builder instances are being re-installed this week with Fedora 19 (To match up with our arm builders). Hopefully there will not be any issues with the switchover, but if you run into oddities with building, please let infrastructure and/or releng know about it.

Otherwise things are rolling along pretty smoothly in the rawhide world.