Another exciting and busy week in Fedora Infrastructure.

I finished getting our rdiff-backup setup in place. We have been using bacula to do backups to tape, but getting things off tape can be anoying. With rdiff-backup we should have easy access to the latest access and better access to historical ones. If things look good over the next month or so, I will likely switch off bacula and just backup the rdiff-backup data to tape to keep longer term. Being a paranoid sysadmin, I always like having good backups going.

Applied a patch to move a bunch of our ansible tasks to roles (thanks much misc!). Cleaned up a bunch more ansible things, setup playbooks for our arm-releng instances, still more work to do, but we have made some nice progress. Next week I hope to do a bunch more.

Fired up a releng01 instance to run branched bulds (since we branched f20 off rawhide). We have allocated them a bunch more memory now, so they should be able to deltarpms of the larger packages now as well. (There used to be a limit to avoid overloading the guests).

Next week we are going to do some updates (although hopefully no reboots needed), and get ready for the Fedora 20 Alpha freeze the week after.