Day 4 was more hackfests than scheduled talks.

First up was a gpg key signing and cacert assurance event. There was about a 50% turn out from those who asked to attend, which isn’t too bad considering all the late nights hacking away we have had. 😉

Then we had a good conversation with Michael DeHaan about ansible and how we can get the best out of it. Great stuff. I’m really glad he could make it out, even though I missed his ansible talk (I was giving mine at the same time).

The afternoon was a lot of infrastructure hacking. We all wrote down items we wanted to work on or discuss and one by one went through them all. Lots and lots of great discussion. I then did a run showing how to create a new host in ansible, but we had to leave the building as that was going.

All in all a great flock. Looking forward to the next one.