Day 3 started with a keynote from Dave Crossland about free fonts and making them. Lots of great background on the free fonts world and some ideas on how to fund things to make it better.

Next was spot’s talk about changing the updates model. He’s proposing that many/most users don’t like the constant updates stream that we have now, and proposes that they would get a monthly bundle of the non security critical path updates, with an option to update all those and any additional packages. Security updates would still go out as now, and all the existing yum repos and process would still be in place so users could opt into the old model and just update with yum. This plan needs to get buy in from releng and qa, but it’s an interesting idea. It could allow Fedora to be more popular with folks who don’t like always being reminded of updates and who now just ignore them.

Then over to the other building for Patrick’s talk about OpenID. He had given much the same talk to some of us in infrastructure a while back over IRC, but it was good to listen again and I hope good information for others. I really didn’t understand OpenID and how it worked before Patrick explained it all to us. Great information to have.

My talk on the life cycle of a package was up next in the same room. I think it went pretty well, there were a number of questions and some discussion on how to improve workflows with fedmsg and such.

After a lunch at a local mexican food place we all headed back for workshops. I wandered around a bit as there were 3 or so workshops I wanted to look in on.

The last session of the day had all the present FESCo members on stage in the auditorium talking about some of the more controversial proposals and sessions and things that they thought were good talks and went well.

Finally off to dinner at the aquarium. Very nice venue and food. If you are ever in Charleston, do look it up.