It’s here! Branch day!

This is the time when Fedora 20 branches off rawhide and becomes it’s own seperate collection of packages and buildroots and install trees. Rawhide itself marches on with only a passing wave for it’s branched child.

Starting tomorrow, there will be a seperate branched compose (just like the rawhide one). It will compose from all the packages built that day. This will be the process until Alpha change freeze, which is currently scheduled for 2013-09-03. At that point, bodhi will be enabled and all packages built will need updates to pass into updates-testing for Fedora 20, then promotion into the branched compose/base repo when stable. Finally when the release is all go and ready an updates repo will be created and populated with 0 day updates and the branched nightly compose will stop.

Package maintainers will want to do a ‘git pull’ in any package git repos they have to pick up the new f20 branch.

Most packages in the Fedora 20 branched repo will be signed with the Fedora 20 key, however there are likely to be a few stragglers until alpha change freeze when updates via bodhi can always be signed before pushed out.

Before the alpha change freeze is also an excellent time to fix any broken deps or fails to build from source problems. If you wait until after alpha change freeze you will have to submit updates and wait for them. has more detailed information.

Meanwhile in rawhide things have been going along pretty well. There’s been a cosmetic bug about lightdm not showing any icons in the greeter for a few weeks and since no one reported it, I decided to stop being lazy and do so. 😉 I’m sure it will get fixed pretty soon.