Sunday started very eary here… around 6:30am AZ time. Had a quick shower and breakfast and walk for the dogs, and then we were off to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge

Man was the desert ever green. Very lush and bright. There was green grass everywhere. I would say about 90% of the cars we saw on the road to the refuge were border patrol. There was one going by about every 10min and one parked along the road every 15. Must be a pretty popular place to pick up people trying to cross the border.

The refuge was nice, we saw a deer (she was laying under a tree, but had her ears sticking out) and a little buck (ram?) antelope…

On the way back we stopped at a sourdough bakery. Very nice place. The rest of the day was spent inside away from the heat relaxing.

You can see how lush it was out there:

lush desert

More lush desert:

more lush desert

The fine road:


Baboquivari Peak. This is the same mountain range that kitt peak is in.

tall mountain

sign at the gate of the park:


There were lots of flowers like these. Not sure what they were:

pretty flowers

Find the deer: