Well, this last weekend was the last weekend of faire (at least in larkspur) this year. It was both nice to have it end (I get weekends back, hurray!) and sad (It’s a lot of fun out there usually). Saturday was pretty opressively hot, sunday was much nicer with a bit of rain to settle the dust. Managed to get out of the booth long enough to see all of a Scottish Mayhem show and pick up Ben Holmes rock band cd. There was some Faire drama on saturday, but hopefully it will all work out ok.

Ebony is getting along much better with my dogs, but she once again had issues with some other dogs on sunday. Saturday there wasn’t much problem, but sunday she was very grouchy. I suspect it’s just too much going on and she gets tired and cranky and doesn’t know how to relax and leave the other dogs alone. She’s a handfull.

There is a faire up in Fort Collins next weekend, but not sure if I will be up to going, time will tell. If not, the next faire will be TRF in the fall.

Pictures are up in the usual place