I went down from Denver to Las Cruces today. Left around 11:15am and got into Las Cruces at about 9:45pm. It’s a long haul, but I have done it sooo many times, and it’s very easy: You get on I25 and drive south.

As is typical, traffic though denver was nasty:

traffic in denver

The first rest area we stopped at had been totally redone and was very nice:

rest area

Here’s a look at my passengers:

the passengers

The next rest area was also pretty nice…they didn’t allow dogs on the grass tho.

another rest area

South of raton, there was a bunch of construction. They had the machine that rips up the old road and the machine that puts down new road. The anoying part was this construction truck of coolers in front of me. They were going 15-20mph in the only available lane. By the time they got though the construction there were probibly 40-50 cars stacked up behind them.

construction near raton

Santa Fe gas stop:

santa fe gas stop

The final rest area we stopped at was a cool one. Lots of big pylons built over a sandy area.

rest area of pylons

We finally made it to K’s house and unloaded and decompressed. Here’s kurt saying hi to Heidi:

kurt and heidi

Twyla and Merlin made themselves at home:

twyla and merlin bookends

Tomorrow it will be the rest of the way to tucson. Shouldn’t be to hard though, it’s around a 4 hour drive.