Well, today started nice and early with a trip down to the Wildlife refuge again. A few minutes after my sister had asked me if I had my camera and I had told her I did, I checked and had left it in the charger back at the house. So, no pictures this time from there. It was very very green and lush out there.

We saw a masked bobwhite on the road, and then saw a Doe a bit later. It might well have been the same doe I saw last weekend out there. She was far enough away to where she really didn’t care much about us. She kept looking, but didn’t run, so we got a nice look at her.

The great high speed cable access nightmare took up most of the afternoon/evening. One of my sisters, my bother and I had decided it would be good to get some fast net here just in case and for me to use now. We tried to use cox’es on-line sign up, but it couldn’t find the address here. So, we called and got it setup. They then gave us an address for a Cox cable store we could go to get a modem. It was about an hours drive from here through the middle of tucson. So, I decided I would just pick up one closer to here. The only store I could find nearby was a Office Max. They had one cable modem (a d-link), so I just got that one. Then the fun began. I connected it all up and I could get a DHCP address from the network on my laptop. However, it was a 172.x.x.x network, and I couldn’t get out. Looking around I realized they had some silly registration thing you had to go though. After poking around on the net via the slower connection I found that you have to go to http://tucson.cox.net/ (which it will allow you to go to) and sign up. Great. I connected back up and got to a page that expected the cable account number. My dad doesn’t save old bills, so there was nothing here that had that account number on it. I tried signing up for ‘view your bill on-line’, but it also required the account number. So, off to call tech support. The first time I waited about 30minutes and gave up before dinner. The hold setup on the cox tech support is particularly evil. It repeats about 3 “speels” over and over and over. One telling you that you need your computer and modem nearby. One asking you to unplug the modem and power off your computer and try powering them back on. One telling you to go to ‘windowupdate.com’ (how you do this if you can’t get to the net and are calling tech support to help you I have no idea). After dinner I tried again. Only 25minutes and I managed to get a human. I gave her the phone number here. She couldn’t find the account. I gave her my dad’s name. She couldn’t find the account. Finally I gave her the address, and she got to where she could get into the account…except, she needed the last 4 digits of my dad’s SSN. After some digging in files, we gave her that. Didn’t match. Finally after some more digging we gave her the last 4 digits of my mom’s SSN who had been the account name before. That worked. Got her to activate the modem and I was up and surfing. So in the end things worked out, however, whoever designed the on-hold setup there: Die in a fire.

I did manage to take a few pictures today…

twyla relaxing:


Mocking clouds. No rain for us. Or even shade:


Suicide bunny: (Picture the 3 greyhounds who’s leashes I am holding looking intently at the bunny with ears all up)

suicide bunny