Monday was pretty uneventfull around here. Most of it spent by me sitting and typing on my laptop and my dad and my dogs all by sleeping.

There were a few things of note however:

  • I went to the store and when I got back, Merlin had licked on his wounded leg and got it bleeding, and then walked all over the place. The blood on the tile was pretty easy to clean, but the stuff on the carpet was not as much fun.
  • There were some nice thunderstorms that came by, but there was very little rain. Lots of thunder and humidity tho. They did cut the temp from about 102 to 82, so thats good.
  • I have the dogs down to 4 trips out a day. Once early in the morning, once around noon (hot hot hot), once before dinner and once before bed. There are sidewalks and such here, but it’s not a very nice place to walk. Lots and lots of cacti and sharp things.


more clouds

yet more clouds