Well, got up far to early after having stayed up playing games until 2am and took the dogs for a walk. Got to relax a bit and have breakfast and coffee before hitting the road again for Tucson. At least it’s a diffrent road… I10 instead of I25.

Totally uneventfull drive. Got in and had some nice chatting time with my brother and my dad, had a nice dinner then walk around the area with the dogs. Now to sleep since I have to get up very early tomorrow so we can wander down to see a wildlife refuge and get my brother back in time to catch a plane flight.

Here’s my friend K and his pups:

K and pups

On the way out of Las Cruces I stopped and picked up some lovely relleno borittos for the road:


The dogs were all ready to hit the road:

pups in car

The thing?

thing one

Some nice clouds. I am getting somewhat better at taking pictures out the window while driving:


the thing?

thing two

Look! There! Behind that truck! The THING!
(I didn’t stop… I did once and was sorry)

thing three

From the texas canyon rest area. Texas canyon is quite pretty. Lots of nice boulders:

texas canyon

From my dads living room window, it’s “Find the woodpecker”:


Dad, Merlin and Twyla:

dad and pups

My Brother:


My dad’s front yard. Everything is very lush here. They got a bunch of rain in the last few weeks: