Went down to denver to see
Rail Road Earth
down in denver last night. The show was supposed to start at 10pm, so
of course the band didn’t start until around 11:15 or so. I
guess clubs are kinda trapped into doing that now, since
everyone expects it. If they started shows on time no one would
be there for the early part of the show. It’s not a big deal to
me on a saturday, but annoys me on weekday nights.

The show was at
Cervantes Masterpeice Ballroom
which is a place I had never been to before. Not a bad venue. Good
space and seating, nice stage layout and decor, but the sound
system seemed kind of weak to me. They could do with putting up
some more speakers high up to project better. They did have some
acoustic baffle thingies, but not sure how much they helped. The
place has the largest disco ball I have ever seen, it was very
very cool.

The band was very good. They played two sets and finished up around
1:30am. They played hard the entire time. The fiddler was
particularly excellent. The audience was really into
things. Lots of dancing and such. In fact after they started
playing I don’t think there were many people that were still
sitting down. Everyone headed out to the floor. All in all I
would recoomend them. See them if they come near you. 🙂