Had a nice (if short) visit with some friends from chicago this
weekend. They came in from snowboarding and skiiing and relaxing
in the mountains on saturday. We met up at
(one of those brazillian all you can eat meat places). The food was
pretty tasty, but the service kinda blew. Our waitress was
impossible to find, we ended up flagging down the hostess to get
someone to take our dessert order. They didn’t come by all that
quickly with new meat either.

On sunday we all slept in and then went down for lunch at Tosh’s
Hacienda. They were quite good… lots of nice mexican
food. Then we hit the
REI denver flagship store
so we could look over the bike selection. It’s a pretty gigantic
store. That done, I dropped my friends at the airport and
relaxed the night away.