oops. I forgot to rotate my journal so this page was just for the
month of March. Fixed now, hopefully I will remember to do the
right thing when April rolls around.

Got a new dog bed off ebay from
victoria peak trading company
One of my old ones was getting pretty worthless. The dogs would all
try and get one of the other dog beds and the poor slow dog
would end up with the lousy old sams club one. This new dog bed
is frikking gigantic. It’s 56″ around and really poofy. From the
ebay description: “…heavy duty denim dog bed suitable for dogs
of unlimited weight, ponies, and/or your brother-in-law the next
time he makes himself unwelcome at home”. It took the dogs a bit
to realize they could get on it and press it down some with
their weight, but they are loving it now.