Went and gave my Linux On Laptops talk to the
CLUE North
folks tonight. It turns out the new meeting place they are using is
about 2miles from my house. Super easy to get to, tons of
parking. Got in and setup my laptop in the room. It did
1600×1200 quite clearly! I didn’t have to bother changing
resolution. They also had 802.11b wireless all setup and working
there. Very handy. The talk went pretty well I thought. Had some
good interaction with folks in the audience. After the talk some
of us went and had a beer at the nearby
CB and Potts

I left merlin out loose in the house muzzled. I got back after about 3
hours gone and everything was fine. No accidents in the house,
everyone seemed fine (although happy to see me). I think merlin
is adjusting well.