Currently using both
mythtv and
at the same time. That gets me the best of both worlds. I have mythtv
for the spiffy looking interface for weather, dvd’s and video. I
have the web based and nifty slimserver for playing music. As
long as I stop the slimserver playing before playing a movie or
video file with mythtv everything works great.

Got dvd ripping working with mythtv. It turns out the default on the
rip dvd page is ‘perfect copy’. That means it just copies the
mpeg2 from the dvd. Nice, but quite large. I tweaked with the
quality settings and can now get a test file (a MASH episode)
down from about 1GB to about 190MB with xvid encoding. Looks not
half bad. Will have to rip some movies and see how they look.