Well, monday we went into my local vet here and got Twylas staples removed. Hurray!
There were some of them that had moved around and he had to dig with some forceps, but she just layed there and let him. Nary a sound.
We talked about Chemo options. He had two folks that he could refer me to down here, but I decided to just go back up to CSU.
It’s not really that far and they have all her records and such.

So, tuesday morning bright and early we went up to CSU (yeah, they got me in that fast. They had a cancel slot open). We talked with a very nice oncologist.
He said the first patient he ever had as a oncologist was a greyhound with a amputated front left leg. Twyla of course did lots of leaning and smoozing with all
the folks in the waiting room. We decided to go with a alternating chemo setup. First up is Carboplatin. It’s recently gotten a lot cheaper, because you can get it as a
generic. She got that one today. Next week we need to do some blood tests and make sure she’s doing ok with it. Then in another 2 weeks she goes in for the other
chemo: Doxorubicin. Then two weeks later the cycle starts again with the Carboplatin. Theres going to be a total of 6 doses (3 of each).

She seems to have handled it just fine. She even ate some dinner a bit ago.