I’ve been meaning to write about the concert on last sunday night, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. 🙁

Wandered down to my friend A’s house after the bike ride on sunday with a pack of wine and goodies and we met up and walked over to the Denver botanic gardens. Lucky for me, A works there and managed to get some employee passes to get into the show. It otherwise sold out in minutes. The venue there is about 2000 people capacity and very nice. It’s a stage in the center and grassy slopes around it. People were sitting all around the stage, meaning some folks just got a good view of the back of the performers all the time, but they didn’t seem to mind too much.

We didn’t get a great spot, but I could see the stage over the people with chairs in front of us. We had wine and snacks and chatted and it was very nice. The weather was even great. Sunny, but not too hot.

Suzanne Vega was first up on stage. She had a bassist with her part of the time, and was just by herself with her gitar some of the time. She was great. She did one new song, which was pretty cool and a LOT of older stuff. She did quite a bit from the first album (“Queen and the soldier”, “Marlene on the wall”, etc). She did do all the “hits” as well… toms diner was amusing, as she got the crowd to do the “doo doo doo” part of it. She had some good stories between songs and was very relaxed. The only downside is that she only played for about an hour or so. It would have been cool to hear another hour or two of music from her.

Marc Cohn came on then after dark. I don’t know his music very well. He was pretty good though, and his hits were well done. He didn’t seem to interact with the audience as well as Suzanne, but he played well. Unfortunately for him, after the show he got shot by some nut bar trying to carjack his van. Luckily he’s ok.

All in all, the shows at the garden are great. Perhaps I will try and get tickets when they go on sale next year and go to more of them. Being able to sit on a blanket on the grass and drink wine and watch a show is nice.