Yikes. Been a week and I have slacked on updating at all. Here’s a quick recap of my pretty boring life over the last week:

– Wed night was out GURPs game night. The adventure is moving along, the characters made some progress.
– Thu night was the ever fun hackingsociety meeting in boulder. I managed to use the new Fedora Extras build system to build packages for exo and Terminal that I had been stuck getting to build at all with the old system for months.
– Fri Ebony the foster greyhound went and had her spay. She was zonked on friday night, but bounced right back to being a hyper puppy on saturday.
– Sat was a friends BBQ up in boulder. I took Twyla and Merlin and they had a great time hanging out with the other dogs.
– Sun I went bike riding in boulder along boulder creek. In the shade near the creek it was pretty nice. In the sun away from the creek it was super hot and nasty. We only went for about 10mi or so.
– Sun night I went to the Suzzane Vega/Marc Cohn concert at the botanical gardens down in denver. (That probibly should get it’s own post later today. 🙂