Went out with some folks last night to go Jazz club hopping down in denver. Overall a pretty
nice time. Lots of drinking and conversation. We only managed to hit 3 places:

The first place was El Chapultapec on the corner of 20th and Market. It was small, small, small.
The music was quite good there and everyone seemed to be listening and having a good time.
If we had managed to get there earlier and snag a booth or something I would have been happy
to stay there, but as it was it was standing room only and we decided to mosey after the end
of the set. It’s also worth noting that I really need to get a
Tv-Be-Gone. There was a TV right over the
band that was playing commercials as far as I could tell. It was anoying and distracting.

Next we went over and checked out
Herb’s. The cover there was $5 a person and some of
our party didn’t really want to fork out that early in the evening. We looked around a bit and wandered
on. I didn’t get too much impression of the place, but it’s probibly worth going back to sometime.

Next we ended up at
Trios Enoteca. It was a pretty yuppy,
tendy looking sort of place, but there was lots of room and drinks. The band was sort of backgroundy
and after a while I didn’t notice them much. They were a gypsy jazz band. The drinks varied in
quality: The Lemondrop I had was pretty blah, but the “buttercup” martini was excellent ( vanilla
vodka, butterscotch schnapps and bailys ). We basically hung out there until the place
closed up shop.