I realized recently that I have been woefully neglecting my netflix movies.
I had one that I hadn’t watched in 4 months, one in 3, one in 2. I’ve resolved to do better and get
my moneys worth from netflix. To that end, some movie reviews:

Anastasia was quite possibly the worst
anamated disney movie I have every seen. I really didn’t care about any of the main characters.
The villan was really lame. The russian history co-opting was lame. The animation was lame.
One to miss. There is no reason to see this one.

Russian Ark was one of those movies I was
glad I had seen. It’s a 90 minute continous take done in the russian history museum in St Petersburg.
It was dull and boring in parts, and very pretty in other parts. The dancing at the end was great.
It does make me want to someday go to the museum. You should see this if you are feeling artsy
or like russian art.

Veronica Guerin was pretty well done. I realize
it was based on a true story, but it was pretty predictable seeming. It’s hard to say what it had to say
more than any other of the 10million movies that talked about the drug trade. It did have some
very brief greyhound racing tho. 🙂 I guess I would reccomend this if you are in the mood for a
irish drug lord movie.