Recap of the last week and a half:

Last Thursday through Saturday
tkil and
deliriumdreams were visiting.
Not a bad visit, but too short. Lots of good food (Tosh’s, Macaroni grill, etc) and good drinking.
I got to spend a fair bit of time with K, the youngster. It was pretty fun, but I don’t think I could
handle that level of young child manic for more than a few days without collapsing.

Tuesday I got to go and have some of the walnut brewerys delightfull barleywine.
It was a really good batch this year. Nice and smooth and flavorfull. Turns out it was good
that I went and had it then, because they ran out the very next day. No more until December.

The GURPS game was back on on wednsday. We hadn’t played for about 6 weeks due to the
holidays and people traveling and so forth. It was a pretty good session. The players made a bit of progress.
It’s fun thinking up what evil will befall them next week.

Thursday was a
meeting. I stupidly piped up on the mailing list that I could talk about
Morphix so that was the talk. I managed to make up
my slides eariler in the day and I think the talk went reasonably well. It was on the short side,
but there were some good questions afterward and nice discussion about various morphix related

Friday I went back to the walnut with a group of friends (to find that the barleywine was out).
They did have a ‘sub-zero’ ale that wasn’t too bad. It was pretty amusing to see someone I know
who works at southern sun there for dinner. Checking out the other brewpubs? 🙂

Which brings us up to today. I have a bit of work to do, and then I am going to takle my garage.
It’s really a mess in there (and has been for a while) and recently some mice or rats or the like
have taken up residence. It’s starting to smell bad and annoy me. The mice/rats are also eating anything
out there thats at all food like. I put out some traps a few weeks ago, but they have totally ignored those.
Not sure if the bait (peanut butter) isn’t tasty enough or the traps otherwise don’t work on these critters.
I guess I will see about evicting them when I clean up the boxes and other junk in there.