Well, had a very good time today snowshoeing. Got up early and packed up and made it up to
boulder to meet up with the group around 10am. Took a while to get all the things together that
everyone needed and rent the snowshoes, but we were off from boulder around 11:30 or so. We
went up to Brainard Lake. Pretty nice area. Often its crowded, but it wasn’t all that bad today.
It’s interesting to walk in snowshoes. You have to make sure you put down the back of your foot
first or else you catch the front/spikes on the snow and get all messed up. Turning around can
also be a challenge (You don’t want to step on the back of your other snowshoe).

It was a really warm day, probibly in the 50’s up there. The trails were all hard packed down
and it wasn’t too hard to walk on. We did venture off the trails a few times and that was much
harder. Probibly 4-5′ deep or so. Brainard Lake itself was very pretty and frozen over. The road
back was easier to walk on without the snowshoes, since it was so melted on the road.

It was a nice time. I would like to go again sometime just after a storm to get the fresh snow

Here’s a bunch of pictures from today: sunday snowshoeing trip

As a side note, I was worried about the dogs, they aren’t usually left alone for all day. It was about
9.5 hours I was gone today. I was fearing there would be cleanup needed or something destroyed, but
when I got home everything was just fine. They had no problems at all!