Well, about 75-80% done with cleaning up the garage. Yesterday I surprised the mouse. He leaped off
a shelf and into a pile of boxes. Didn’t see him at all today however. I probibly flattened about 50 boxes.
I tend to just toss boxes in there when I get something and they really pile up. I also found out
why the mouse(es) are there. There was a 40lb bag of “fit-n-trim” dogfood in there that I probibly
got with some foster dog and forgot about. The mice had burrowed a nice hole in the bottom and were
enjoying nearly limitless dog food goodness. I put all that in the trash along with a ton of other junk.
There was probibly all total about 3-4 cu ft of rat droppings. I swept up the bulk of that for the trash.
Hopefully that will help the smell there. The mice had also found and old dog toy and made a nest in it.
That got tossed. Next weekend I will try and finish up the job. There is a big table that needs all the junk
on it cleaned up, and some more boxes to nuke.

Off to eco-cycle with a truck load of boxes.