The fight against entropy continues. Did a bunch of cleaning in prep for
tkil and
deliriumdreams visiting.
I started out deciding I should clean out the window off the kitchen that the cat always hangs out in,
and then from there decided I should clean off the top of the fridge, then on to the cabinet that has all the
dog meds and treats and toys and food in it. Whew. Then off to vacuum the house, and start a bunch
of laundry. Entropy is an inplacable foe.

Today was non warm in most every way. I did take the dogs for a walk anyhow because they were
starting to get stir-crazy. Merlin was so happy to go for even a short walk in his coat. He kept stopping and
spinning every few feet. It was probibly about 5 out when we went for the walk.

hackingsociety up in boulder, then back home to
greet out of towners. They are going to the VNV show friday night. I might wander along on a lark.