Project update: Did all the gluing of all the PVC parts for the
amazing traveling expen. There are 6 4′ x 3′ panels. Each one
requires 20 parts to be glued. Took me about 20min per panel
to glue them all. Some important lessons when gluing PVC:

  • The Purple stuff is by far the nastiest. It’s the
    “primer” and it’s very easy to splash around. The
    applicator gets about a gallon at a time (way more than it
  • Always apply both the purple (primer) and the glue to
    the inside part first (the joint). It’s less likely to
    leak out all over everything than the pipe part is to drip
  • Make sure you attach all the joints first and make sure
    they are on the same plane as each other before you attach
    the pipe sections between them.

Next on to the netting and the “hinges”. I cut a section of netting
tonight (it’s cloth netting and it says proudly on the label:
Never RUSTS!). I tried twist ties to keep it on there, but
that didn’t tighten it up very well. Next test was zip
ties. They seemed to work pretty well and I have a ton of them
to use. Will try and finish putting it together tomorrow.