Last night I went out to dinner and a show in boulder. It was a nice
time. Dinner was at:
Cafe Gondlier
where they had some not too bad (and very nicely priced) homemade
spagetthi. Then it was over to the
Boulder Theatre for the
show. I haven’t ever been to a show there, but it’s a pretty
nice venue. Big bar in the middle, a bit of seating at tables
and the rest standing room.

Erin Mckeown was
the opening act. She wasn’t bad. She had a few songs that I
thought were really good, and a number that were kinda just
blah. She tried one song that was a “never before played” one,
and it started out very cool, and then sort of petered
out. Amazingly, its worth noting that the show was supposed to
start at 8pm, and it DID! That never happens anymore, and I was
very happy it did.

The main act was
The Waifs
They were quite good. They played for about an hour and a half. They
had a nice mix of louder rocking songs, quiet lounge type songs,
and others. They all had very nifty aussie accents and
interacted with the crowd quite well. I picked up their 2 cd
live set. If they are passing near you, they are worth seeing.