Just got back from the railroad earth show. Some impressions:

  • Times. ok. I was spoiled last week at the show in boulder
    that said it started at 8pm and then really started at
    8pm. This show, the venue said it started at 9pm. The bands
    website said they “headlined” at 10:30pm. We got there
    around 10 or 10:15. The opening act was just
    starting. Railroad Earth didn’t go on until around 11:15 or
    11:20. I didn’t even care for that kind of junk when I was
  • The opening act wasn’t bad. The sound wasn’t the
    greatest, and I never could hear what they were saying when
    they were talking between songs, but they were good. They
    did a cover of an asylum street spankers song!
  • The Drunk/Trippin/Stoned hippy that was careening through
    the crowd was somewhat amusing, but when he caused me to
    spill 1/4 of my beer twice I wasn’t too happy with him. You
    would think I wouldn’t have been someone he would collide
    with, being the 6’3″ large guy with the steel toed boots,
    but he didn’t seem to care. After the first two times I kept
    an eye out for him and made sure to hold my place and my
    beer when he came by. He seemed to move accross from the
    left side to the right side of the stage every few songs.
  • The show was in denver, so: smoke. I never notice it when
    I am there, hell a smoker could blow a big cloud in my face
    and I wouldn’t care, but when I get home I reak and just
    want to take a shower. It especially gets in my hair.
  • Railroad Earth was quite good. They played long and
    hard. Lots of dancing going on. We stayed until about 1:20
    or so, and they were still playing. (although the bar would
    be closing before too long, so they were probibly near the
    end of their set). Would have liked to have stayed, but
    everyone was getting really tired.
  • Shortly after RailRoad Earth started playing, this artist
    guy setup a light and an easel and started painting. It was
    pretty cool. The first painting he did was a railroad going
    out into the sunset. He did at least a few more, but I
    didn’t see what those were. Not sure if he was with the band
    or the venue or just someone who liked painting to live

Time to go wash my hair and sleep.