Another pretty boring weekend here at the hermatige. Saturday I
managed to upgrade my mp3/dvd machine, my main machine
( and my firewall to Fedora Core 3 via yum over the
net. There were of course random broken bits, but over all it was
one of the most painless upgrades I have done on my machines.

A very nice couple came over to meet jessica. They have one hound and
5 cats. Monday, jessica goes to them for a trial run. It sounds
like it should be a very nice place for her. I’m glad she is
(hopefully) finally finding a good home.

Finished cutting all the pvc on my expen project. Now all I have to do
is glue the bits all together, attach the netting and make some
hinges. I managed to find some really nice cloth netting at Lowes
for quite cheap. I should be able to get it finished before
leaving for thanksgiving if I work on it tomorrow and tuesday.