Weekend movie roundup:

Pistol Opera was
fun. It did drag a bit in a few places or get wildly incoherent,
but overall a good flick.

Samurai Fiction (no imdb link I can see): Amusing in places, but over
all a snoozer.

28 days later: Not
bad. Zombies and blood. Done in a weird post apcoliptic
way. Once again though I feel compelled to rant about movies
that insist on having the dialog down super low, so you turn it
up to hear and then they have a scream or gigantic explosion
that rips your eats off and causes all the dogs to flee the
room. I know it gives them more impact, but man it’s
anoying. Perhaps we could figure out some tech way to get around

Need to try and figure out something to wear to head out to the club
tonight. I haven’t been clubbing in ages. Oh well, I will think
of something.