Pretty typical monday. Had an anoying thing I was working on for work
today that I haven’t (yet) managed to figure out and get
working. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Twyla and Merlin had a little tiff in the yard yesterday. No injury,
but they sure were growling and snapping. It was when I had just
gotten back from the store and Merlin was all wound up from
being crated. Twyla was running around with him and he got tired
of her being pushy. She was very reserved all the rest of
sunday, but is warming back up to normal today. I hope they will
learn to get along better. I think it’s just a matter of Twyla
trying to boss Merlin around and him not caring. I think they
will come to an arrangement. They did do some playing in the
yard today with waggy tails.

Perhaps tomorrow I will brew some mead. A nice quickmead batch.