Took kurt down to the
therapy dogs inc
meeting down in aurora. We both had a pretty good time. There were
only about 4 other people and 4 other dogs there
tonight. Usually they get more people than that. There weren’t
any other greyhounds, but they do have one that usually
there. There was a famous and highly trained
Chinese Creseted
named Eric, a doberman, a bichon and a mixed breed dog. All the dogs
were very outgoing and friendly. Kurt did great except a few
places in rooms where it was close quarters he didn’t want to go
in. Some of the rooms there at the nursing home were really
frikking hot. 90’s at least. Some of the people there had dog
treats and were very happy to see the dogs. I did get one grumpy
lady telling me that since I was a man, I should cut my hair. We
were supposed to be there from 6:30 to 7:30, but we didn’t leave
until 8. Just too easy to go and see more people. Even so there
were a number of folks on the list that we didn’t manage to get
to this time. Was very cool we could brighten up their day. Two
more visits with kurt and he can get certified, then we can look
for a place closer to home to volenteer at. Also, then it will
be twyla’s turn to go. I think she would do pretty well at it as