Just got back from kurts second Therapy dog
vist (out of 3). He did fine as usual. There were a lot more dogs and
people this time, but there was also a lot more activity at the
place. They were bringing in several new people, and nurses and
doctors were runing around all over the place. Got to see the
103 year old guy who loves dogs. He kept giving treats to all
the dogs. There was a new guy there that we visted and really
brightened up his day I think. He was very happy to see all the
dogs. There were 3 greyhounds there counting kurt.

Everyone should come out to the
Asylum Street Spankers
shows this weekend. They will be in boulder friday night, fort collins
saturday night and denver sunday night. Some of those days the
band (or some part of them) will be crashing here. Should be
fun. They seem like a nice bunch.